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The Grappling Hook: A Tool Everyone Needs

At least one daydream of every young boy, and many grown men, involves scaling a wall using a grappling hook.

Obviously everyone needs one. X Products just made your dreams possible.

X Products is one of the leaders in innovative tactical gear. They carry the BATF approved Can Cannon as well as numerous other launchers and rail systems. One of their latest products is The Ultimate Grappling Hook.

This grappling hook is designed to be shot from the Can Cannon and is demonstrated in a fun and informative way by the guys at Demolition Ranch.

Whether you're a ninja scaling the walls of an evil warlord or a real-world operator, this grappling hook from X Products could be a game changer.

Hooks are available in four different colors and can be both fun and useful. Every individual will have to determine if their purposes are practical or recreational. Either way, this is a boy's dreams of adventure come true.

With Christmas right around the corner, this is a great gift idea. Okay, so Christmas is still seven months away, but why wait til the last minute.


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The Grappling Hook: A Tool Everyone Needs