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The Glock 43: One Year in Review

The Glock43 has been out in the wild for over a year. See how the guys at Moss Pawn are feeling about the pistol.

This pistol is definitely over accessorised with threaded barrel and a suppressor. The pistol was designed as a very concealable pistol so that you can carry it pretty much anywhere that you can hide it on your body.

The G43 has made some good impressions, but how did it really compare to other concealed carry options?

The G43 has been tested by many individuals but there are some very minor complaints about the pistol. For varying reasons the G43 did get some rust issues, that are not normally occurring in other Glock's. Normally we consider Glock's to have the "Glock Perfection," guarantee, and in this one instance, it didn't perform to that expectation.

The pistol also did have some slight feeding issues according to Chad. I can't imagine that a Glock would have some feeding malfunctions because Glock's have been engineered to feed even when the chamber has small dirt and debris. Again, this particular pistol is just one small representation of what can happen with a Glock 43. I have not seen the issues described in the video with a S&W Shield, but that does not mean that it has not happened yet. The G43 is still a solid and reliable concealable pistol and by no means is this single video a representation of all Glocks.

Remember that concealed weapons need to be cleaned often as they are exposed to the elements more regularly. Sweat, air moisture, and heat exposure can wear on the pistols materials slightly and thus should be cleaned regularly to avoid any prolonged surface damage. The perfect gun is clean, reliable, and practiced with daily.


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The Glock 43: One Year in Review