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The Future of the VW Bus? [PICS]

All photos via Superfly Autos

A Canadian designer came up with an eco-friendly VW design that would make the most incredible camper ever. 

Alexandre Verdier, a Canadian designer, came out with an amazing plan to revive the traditional VW Westfalia camper. Dubbed the Verdier, it looks like it would incorporate really cool green technology while still maintaining the retro van exterior.


“The philosophy of this car is great and it is a new way to use technology. I want to build an eco van that’s low impact and makes the most out of nature.” said Verdier in Wired Magazine in 2009.

The van would have integrated solar panels that would be hooked up to a battery to charge an onboard computer and a GPS.


The Verdier would fold out and become the perfect campsite.



The camper with all the amenities was projected to cost $129,000; there would be a cheaper version for $69,000.

Verdier planned to have a prototype on the road in 2009 but it never came to fruition. There are many rumors that there were legal issues with VW or that it was just too expensive to make.

This would make the coolest camper on the road…what a tease.

All photos via Superfly Autos

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The Future of the VW Bus? [PICS]