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The Friendliest Deer Showed up in a Family’s Yard in Michigan [VIDEO]

A deer came into a family’s yard in Michigan and stuck around for a little while. 

A deer showed up in the Person family’s yard and Jim Person started the camera. The Person kids were a bit fearful that their two dogs would chase the visiting deer away but they end up playing.

This family got a lucky little visit from a friendly deer they named Jack.

Jack the deer is quite friendly for being a deer that just showed up out of the woods. He doesn’t look afraid of the family nor the dogs.

In fact, Jack and the dogs are even playing.

Jim Person can be heard wondering if there is something wrong with the deer for being so unafraid of his family. But apparently, the deer has been back in the neighborhood since this video was posted on Facebook last week.

“Here is an update on our deer friend that Josh named Jack. I was driving about half-a-mile from our house, when I saw a deer that looked like it came out of an open garage door at a neighbor’s house. I went back to see if it was Jack; sure enough it was. My neighbor was in his garage sharpening his lawn mower blades. He didn’t even know that Jack had came to investigate what he was doing. When I got his attention and showed him Jack, he was also shocked. I went back home to grab Kaitlyn and Josh so they could visit with Jack. It was a good reunion.”

Jack is just the friendliest neighborhood deer!

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The Friendliest Deer Showed up in a Family’s Yard in Michigan [VIDEO]