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The Free-Flex Represents a Completely New Fly Rod Concept [VIDEO]

ArcticSilver is pushing the envelope of fly rod concepts. This video shows why.

It’s a common theme in fly casting: The power potential lies in the rod butt section, or bottom. During a cast, a rod’s blank is charged with energy, but if the handle is glued to the blank precisely where the power potential is greatest, the action is far from full potential.

Enter ArticSilver and their cutting-edge fly fishing ideas coming out of Norway. First, take a look at this brilliant video they had entered in last year’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

Here’s some more insight on the technology straight from the company’s IndieGoGo campaign from back in 2012, which surpassed its $65,000 goal by more than $20,000 in a month:

On ArcticSilver’s Free-Flex rods the handle is not glued to the blanks. Instead, the blank is fixed only to the reel seat, allowing the rod to bend freely within a hollow handle. This solution gives you more feeling and better transmission of energy.

The Free-Flex system is a simple, but cutting edge, solution. It is fly fishing’s equivalent to the carving ski.  The result is a blank that is more easily charged with energy, providing for a smoother and more enjoyable fly fishing experience.

The quick lock reel seat and elliptical-shaped handle round out this highly technologically researched fishing tool, and it seems like only a matter of time before the idea catches on amongst the widespread fly fishing community.

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The Free-Flex Represents a Completely New Fly Rod Concept [VIDEO]