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Real Life “The Fox and the Hound”

Nature is a truly magical place, and its magic really shines through when you have the opportunity to see two animals, who would otherwise have no interaction, form a fast and close friendship. No example may be better than that of Sniffer the wild fox and Tinni the domestic dog from the woods of Norway. Tinnni’s owner, photographer Torgeir Berge, lives deep in a secluded wooded area that is flush with wildlife. One day, Berge went outside to find Tinni playing with a wild fox and began cataloguing their tender, playful relationship. Berge couldn’t help but note that the fox is like “the dog of the forest,” after watching Tinni and Sniffer play, and was inspired to release a book called The Fox and the Dog, which will feature fairy tales based on their relationship and Berge’s photographs. article-2518490-19DA7F1F00000578-25_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7F2700000578-343_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7F0B00000578-53_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7F1800000578-652_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7F2F00000578-47_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7F3B00000578-66_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7EDD00000578-280_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7EFF00000578-753_964x638 article-2518490-19DA7F4300000578-194_964x638 The adorable photos of the real life “The Fox and the Hound,” come at an important time in Norway, where the fox fur trade is becoming more and more controversial, and may eventually be banned. Berge plans to donate proceeds from his book to conversation, and notes that if fox fur is to continue to be harvested for trade that conditions for the foxes need to be improved.

‘Why should some animals be in small, narrow claustrophobic cages without freedom just because…human kind wants to look good?’

Foxes are able to be hunted throughout the country of Norway during summer months, and the hunting of foxes tends to differ slightly in general opinion versus the fox fur trade.

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Real Life “The Fox and the Hound”