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The Flight Follower Trajectory Trackers Are Oddly Satisfying to Watch

Modern imaging systems have opened up an entirely new view on using trajectory trackers. 

Through research and scientific understanding, we’ve been able to understand how weapon trajectories must appear. However, due to new imaging systems, we’re now able to physically see the objects move through the air with a precise, detailed focus.

This oddly satisfying compilation will inspire you to head right to the range.

These videos are captured using strategically placed spinning mirrors that are then captured on film and rendered together, creating the complete trajectory tracker. Understanding the detailed intricacies of your ammunition is an important aspect to being a responsible shooter, and these videos allow you to do just that.

From the Flight Follower system of Specialised Image, found here, their products offer a multi-trigger system in trajectory trackers in order to allow for a full, uninhibited view of the trajectory of your object. Definitely a splurge-worthy purchase, but one that is ultimately well worth it overall.

Would you consider adding this nifty technology to your range setup, or is it something that’s simply just cool to enjoy? I can imagine these would come in handy when performing trick shots the most.

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The Flight Follower Trajectory Trackers Are Oddly Satisfying to Watch