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The Fishing Trips to Go On While Your Hunting Buddies Are Busy

fishing trips to go on
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When hunting season is at its peak, some of the best fishing trips in the US are calling your name. 

A lot of Americans love to hunt. On that same note, a lot of Americans love to fish. As most of us know, many outdoorsmen do both. For those that only fish, the water sees a lot fewer people after opening day in the woods. If you know where to look, some of the best fishing trips of the year are there to take while all your hunting buddies are still in the woods.

Cave Run Lake, Kentucky

fishing trips
Tony Grant

During the months of October and November, muskie fishing is in full swing down in the Bluegrass state. Big jerk baits, large bucktails, and even bigger suckers attached to quick set rigs bust huge muskies all fall long. The pressure really lightens up in November on some of the best areas of the lake. I bet you can guess why.

If you would like some help figuring this body of water out. Check out my friend Tony Grant of Cave Run Guide Service. He will get you set up and on some big fish.

Manistee River, Michigan

fishing trips
Brad Smith Outdoors

Huge king salmon run the Manistee river and surrounding connecting streams all fall long. They start their journey around September and finish sometime in late October. It’s during that time that steelhead flood the rivers in that area as well. Egg patterns and streamers will put you on kings, browns, rainbows, and steel all day long. There are plenty of places to camp out or rent a cabin. This is one trip you will make an annual tradition.

Buras & Venice, Louisiana

fishing trips
Cajun Fishing Adventures

Some of the biggest and baddest redfish flood this area every October and November to spawn. Even though redfish can be caught in this area all year long, it is particularly amazing when deer season is in full swing across the country. Unless you live in the area, you may need a guide, but luckily the area is full of them. You should call early and book with plenty of advanced notice. This area is popular and for good reason.

Bulkley River, British Columbia

fishing trips
Bulkley River Lodge

Late fall is synonymous with steelhead. These silver bullets can be found in large supply around the the Great Lakes, however, it’s out west where you really need to go if you want to get on some fish. The Bulkley River is considered by many to be the single best steelhead river there is. The run is nearing it’s end by the time November comes around, but October has runs few rivers ever see. Expect large amounts of snowfall the longer the season goes, but that is some of the most rewarding fishing you will find.

Oak Orchard, New York

fishing trips
Walton Rods

If you want big brown trout and lots of them, then head to New York right about when the rut hits its peak. I took advantage of this trip myself and missed my first opening day of gun season for deer of my life. Let me tell you this, it was worth it. I simply never caught so many big brown trout in those numbers in my life. The whole month of November of is incredible. Just use egg patterns or streamers and you are in business. Sorry deer season, you lost out on this one.

After checking out these five dream destinations for some deer season fishing trips, you might have realized deer season isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. One thing I learned after fishing through this deer season, fishing is who I am. Deer hunting is just something that I do.

If you are like me, next year, check one of the above off your list.


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The Fishing Trips to Go On While Your Hunting Buddies Are Busy