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The Fishbra Just Keeps Washing Ashore

What is the fishbra, you ask? Maybe it’s best to watch and learn.

Although this video was uploaded in a foreign language, you ‘ll understand what the fishbra is and why the fishing community loves it so.

Watch this video compilation of some of the best fishbra photos that have hit the web in recent months, and get caught up on this craze.

As you can see, a fishbra is a photo featuring a female angler holding a fish in front of her chest. Here, the fish covers up her breasts instead of the traditional bikini top. Did you see the fishbra photo where the fish was big enough to provide “protection” for two anglers? Now, that is a catch worth capturing.

If you love fishbras as much as the rest of the fishing community, be sure to do your part and contribute to this great cause. Take more pictures of fish, and leave the bikini tops at home!


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The Fishbra Just Keeps Washing Ashore