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The Dall Sheep Hunt of a Lifetime

Dall Sheep
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Ready for the hunt of a lifetime? Grab your YETI and head to Canada’s Northwest Territories to chase Dall Sheep around the Mackenzie Mountains.

The Mackenzie Mountains are deep in the Northwest Territories of Canada, just outside the Arctic Circle, and they are still one of the most natural wilderness areas you can find in the world.

Today, you can get an excellent idea of just how wild the area is and what kind of hunting you can find there as Matt Elder takes to the opportunity to go on the hunt of a lifetime after an elusive Dall Sheep.

Here’s the video:

Snow, rain, and terrifying terrain are just some of the challenges that Elder faced before he finally conquered the elements and the challenge of taking down a dall sheep. It’s amazing just how far you can go with a little determination and a good cooler to help you keep everything you need cold along the way. And, if there’s one cooler that we know can take the pounding of a trip like this, YETI is it.

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The Dall Sheep Hunt of a Lifetime