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The Cod This Family Reeled in Was As Long As Their Daughter


This Australian family, enjoying a day on the water, ended up reeling a 3-foot-long fish, which appears to be a Murray cod.

While fishing in New South Wales, the family was filmed reeling in this massive cod, wrangling it ashore. They even had a few minutes to pose with the catch of the day in this video.

While cod are found all over the ocean, there are two specific types that reside in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, respectively. The Pacific version is also known as the greyfish, however this large species appears to be a Murray cod, which is a predatory freshwater fish found in Australia, where the family was fishing.

The dorsal fins on this fish appear to be very similar to the Murray, and though Murrays are often more green speckled, this fish does appear to have speckled skin, like the Murray. In addition, Murray can grow up to over 3 feet in length, which is exactly what this fish measured out to be next to the family’s young daughter.

Murray also live for a comparatively long time, which is also a characteristic of Australian freshwater fish, and would explain the size of this fish. Have you ever fished in Australia and caught one of these Murray cod?

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The Cod This Family Reeled in Was As Long As Their Daughter