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It's the Birth of a New Loon Kayak by Old Town

The haunting sound of the Loon is as part of the northwoods as canoes are, but Old Town has made their own Loon an icon in kayaks. Now, they have a new look.

Old Town is synonymous with canoes and have been for years. Though not as famous for their kayaks, the Loon is one that has been around for at least two decades and is a pioneer in plastic kayaks. Now, the Loon has a whole new look.

Old Town has brought a time-tested standard into a new generation. They have blended technology with tradition in the new Loon. Sporting a USB-charging port allows continued use of phones and cameras to record your adventures.

Another great upgrade is the adjustable seat. You can move the seat and back to allow for a better fit and a more comfortable ride.

Old Town hit the nail on the head with the new upgrades to the old standby, the Loon.


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It's the Birth of a New Loon Kayak by Old Town