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The Best Floating Duck Hunting Blind for This Season

larry whybrew

Not every duck hunting blind can be easily moved to match where the birds are flying, but this one can.

When the birds are flying right over your duck hunting blind, life is great. However, we all know that nothing works out perfectly regardless of what game your after and when the birds aren't flying within shooting distance, life is tough.

When you find yourself in a jam and need to relocate your duck hunting blind in a pinch, take a look at the Muskrat Hut to keep your concealed.

It's definitely worth it to keep one of these floating duck hunting blinds in your truck during the season. The Muskrat Hut is a total concealment system that will have you hiding in plain sight within minutes of setup. Fully equipped with a camouflage float, canopy and faux marsh grass, this duck hunting blind is perfect for situations that require you to be mobile.

Best of all, it comes with a large window in the front, which allows you to spot incoming birds and throw back the canopy on a moments notice.

duck hunting blind, muskrat hut
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Knock 'em dead this duck season!


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The Best Floating Duck Hunting Blind for This Season