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The Best Devices to Record & Share Your Hunt

You know you want to share your hunt and the experiences you have, so here are some suggestions.

Google the search term “hunting videos” and watch as nearly 320 million results pop up.

Meanwhile, the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that hunters spend an average $1,992 per year on the sport. Fortunately, capturing your own hunting video to review your technique, capture the moment or share with friends doesn’t have to be expensive.

Use your mobile device or upgrade to the latest version to record and share. From devices to accessories, you can transform your smartphone or camera into the ultimate hunting companion.

Choose your device

GoPro was made popular when Nick Woodman looked for a solution to strap his camera on his wrist and record his surfing victories. The GoPro is a solid choice for wearable cameras for action-packed sports. But hunters need an option that can capture the nuance and slow descent of closing in on their hunt.

The Tactacam is popular with hunters as a way to record hunts by bow or gun and share your hunt. It stays in focus even through trees and features a 12mp sensor for low light recording. But it may not be practical if you decide to head out for a spontaneous hunt after work without all your camera gear.

Consider transforming your smartphone into your new hunting companion.The Galaxy S5 keeps you on the move with a camera that displays the image on the screen instead of through a viewfinder.

The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1-inch display and a 16-megapixel camera is perfect for capturing a hunt without proving a distraction. It’s a bonus you can trim off unnecessary video and easily export into video editing software that comes with your computer like iMovie. Now you just need the right accessories to get up and running.

Pick your accessories

Once you’ve settled on the right camera or smartphone, you’ll need the right accessories to keep your video recording smoothly. Hunters with a bow can use the Bow Camera Mount to stabilize your camera or smartphone with a bracket to keep your device in place.

As an alternative, the iScope turns your rifle into a camera with the ability to zoom in on your target. Attach it onto your scope’s eye piece and get the full screen view of what you would see through your own scope and attaches.

Master your technique

Set up your camera, smartphone and other accessories and ensure you have a good range of mobility and can still embark on the hunt without knocking or bumping the camera or your rifle.

Keep an eye on the camera’s screen to get a sense of how close you need to be to your target to get a great shot while still capturing the background essence.

Remember to capture some commentary about where you’re headed, what you hope to hunt and any stats on the area you want to share. Once your video is complete, ask for feedback to refine your technique for your next hunting trip.

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The Best Devices to Record & Share Your Hunt