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4 of the Best Coolers for Car Camping

Here's a rundown of the best coolers for camping, with four smart choices.

How do you prioritize your camping gear? It probably starts with a tent and works down to a sleeping bag, pad, camp stove, backpack, etc. If you let your cooler fall to the bottom of the list, you could end up with a piece of junk that could potentially ruin your trip.

Here are four amazing coolers that will hold ice for days and keep your food and drinks chilled.

Quality Counts

A poorly made cooler can spoil your food and ruin your camping trip if you don't have access to extra ice. They also don't retain temperature well, which can melt ice during the day and cause real problems when you stay for extended periods.

Coolers take a lot of damage over time; they're often tossed around and abused. If you want yours to last, invest in a good one just as you would a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

Here are four picks for coolers that are easy to pack in a car, relatively light enough to carry around, and definitely able to withstand some great camping adventures.

1. Yeti Tundra


The Yeti Tundra is the king of coolers -- nothing comes close. Not only will it keep ice for several days, but it is certifiably grizzly bear proof.

The Tundra is made with an ultra-durable, UV-resistant shell that is food-grade/dry-ice compatible and layered with two inches of polyurethane foam insulation. At the corners is a built-in loop to lock your cooler from any animal in North America (lock not included).

2. Stanley Adventure Cooler


If you want an affordable option without sacrificing quality, the Stanley Adventure Cooler is fully insulated to keep your ice frozen. It can't take as much damage as the Yeti Tundra, but it will keep food fresh and drinks cold.

3. Coleman Stainless Steel Cooler


If you're looking for a retro vibe at the camp site, this stainless steel cooler from Coleman will help complete the look. The 54-quart beauty keeps ice up to three days in 100-degree or cooler temperatures. There are no real practical advantages to the Coleman over the Stanley, but sometimes car campers want a bit of variety, and this Coleman Stainless Steel cooler is the perfect way to add style to you site.

4. Yeti Hopper


Since Yeti makes the best hard-shell cooler, it makes sense that it would make the best soft-shell cooler, too. The Yeti Hopper may look like a beach duffle, but it packs some serious insulation into a portable bag. It uses a DryHide shell and closed-cell foam insulation to keep everything cold, all while staying light and easy to carry.

Any of these four picks, plus others in the same categories, would make fine choices for the car camper. Now it's just a matter of filling them up.


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