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The Best Bullets Are Grown, Not Made


While most bullets are made in factories, Hi-Tek bullets are grown with the utmost care.

Most arms and ammunition manufacturers rely heavily upon machinery to create their products. However, some still get their bullets the old fashioned way by planting bullet trees to harvest from.

Prairie Firearms is one of those companies. They grow a unique coated bullet in .40, .45, .38, and 9mm calibers. Their trees are all hand planted and treated with the utmost care to ensure highest quality possible.

Check it out as they gives us a rare glimpse into their operation.

Seeing this really makes me want to get into the bullet farming business. I wonder what the startup cost is?

This video was really well done and well planned out. Kind of makes me wonder how long he worked on his accent for the video because it was dead on. If someone didn't know any better, I guarantee those "bullet trees" could fool someone.

For those that don't know, Prairie Firearms makes a specially coated ammunition called Hi-Tek. Their bullets are designed to shoot cleaner and produce no smoke from the barrel.

If you would like to pick up some of their all natural, non-GMO bullets, check them out at their website.

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The Best Bullets Are Grown, Not Made