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The Ares SCR is Officially New York City Legal

News came out that the Ares SCR will be 

As one might expect, the city, county, and state of New York aren’t very friendly to firearms. So when the Ares SCR was unleashed, the initial response was a resounding “nope.”

Some people tried to register the firearm within the city of New York (which requires registration of all firearms) only to be told that the gun was actually an “evil assault weapon” because it can accept M16 magazines. Nevermind that nowhere in the law does it state anything whatsoever about that being a defining feature of an “assault rifle,” the cops were happy to make it up as they went along.

That is, until a couple days ago when it appears that a legal dope-smack was applied and the cops started approving the applications.

Reports are coming in from that things are now going smoothly for those who want a modern semi-auto firearm yet also want to live in New York City. From the OP:

Just got official word that the Ares SCR is now legal in NYC…as it should have been from the start.

I was asked not to plaster it all over the internet…but it’s not like it should be a secret.

Now we’ll see how long it takes them to ban it arbitrarily by name based on no set legal standard…in which case I’d like to get the NYSRPA, NRA, SAF and SCOPE involved.

But here we are.

Funny thing is, I don’t even plan on buying one anyway…can’t really afford it right now…but I am glad I got it approved for the rest of my NYC gun owners.

Good news all around, then.

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The Ares SCR is Officially New York City Legal