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The AguaDrone Will Find You Fish from Above [VIDEO]

Are you ready for the 'world's first waterproof drone with a sonar fish finder'?

Technology has finally come far enough where anglers can have a robot locate fish up to 300 feet away.

The AguaDrone, by syncing it up to your smartphone, can show you images of fish with its built-in sonar fish finder and even drop your lure farther than your cast.

Check out this Kickstarter project.

This new technology will be considered cheating by many serious anglers but it is a pretty impressive fishing buddy.

Like they say in the video, these fish finding drones will reduce the amount of fishing vessels on the water and, in turn, lessen fuel consumption. It will also help you explore up or down river before you wade or cast your line.

If you want to be in on the next best thing in fishing technology, you can pledge at a certain level and get a variety of gifts. If you pledge $1,499 or more, you get the AguaDrone, three interchangeable fish pods, the FishScout sonar fish finder, the line flier and the HD camera pod.



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The AguaDrone Will Find You Fish from Above [VIDEO]