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5 Ways Owning a Gun Makes You the Best Person on Your Block

Wait staff at Shooters Grille in Rifle, CO

Being a responsible gun owner makes you quite the model citizen.

Our Second Amendment right makes America great! Here are five ways owning a gun makes you the best guy (or gal) on your block.

1. Long live the great Constitution of The United States of America. You realize that many have died to preserve your rights as an American citizen, including the right to keep and bear arms specified in the Second Amendment. Some gave much and some gave all. You have pride in what America really stands for.


2. You are homeland security for your block. We certainly sleep better and walk a little taller knowing that we can defend our families, other innocent people, and ourselves from attack. Whether it is a bear on the prowl or a thug out to score drug money any way they can, the buck stops here. Why cower in fear of evil when a firearm, the great equalizer, can turn anyone into a force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t matter if you are 95-pound lady, wheelchair bound, or unable to throw down fancy self-defense moves. A firearm is there to guard your life as long as you can pull a trigger.

Women Of Caliber

3. You have the coolest hobbies. Think about it. Some of your friends golf. Some like keeping up with the latest trends (or the Joneses). We like hammering targets with high-velocity bullets, up close and hundreds of yards away. That should be the next neighborhood trend that sticks around, right?


4. You never get bored. Other neighbors might get bored of having the perfect lawn and picking weeds night and day. There is always a new gun, a vintage gun or any other accessory that just beckons us to buy or trade for it. Sounds a lot cooler than that green lawn now, right?


5. We are pro-environment. This is in fact due to the fact that taxes on arms and ammunition, under laws such as the Pittman-Robertson Act, often go directly to state lands used for wildlife. How much more “green” can you get? Have your neighbors donated as much to wildlife as you have through those taxes? Doubt it.


There you have it. If you own a gun, you certainly are the coolest person on your block. You are one of us!


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5 Ways Owning a Gun Makes You the Best Person on Your Block