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The 5 Weird Ways Hunting and Fantasy Football are Basically the Same Thing

Fantasy football and hunting are more alike than most would realize.

Many people consider Fantasy Football to be so much more than an excuse to watch football, just like hunting is more than simply going outside with a gun. Both have millions of Americans chomping at the bit for their respected seasonsand the two activities are more closely related than someone would originally think.

Here are five ways hunting and fantasy football are basically the same thing.

1. Projections Don’t Mean Anything

Anyone who has a remote understanding of fantasy football knows projections are often way off. Much like my projections of what stand I should hunt, followed with checking the camera by another stand and a target buck walking by at first light. We’ve all had top fantasy picks be a bust just like stand selections or even total seasons be bust. Every time a fantasy football manager or hunter make the wrong prediction, they always learn and move toward winning their league or personal season.

2. In-Season Adjustments are The Key to Success

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The best way to win fantasy football is to make in-season adjustments by picking up that random running back who is filling in for a starter or a break through wide receiver. Hunting is also all about in season adjustments. What was working for the first week of season probably won’t be as succesful another tactic by mid to late season. If you want to have an incredible season, make adjustments.

3. Friends Make it Even More Fun


Fantasy football and hunting have a way of bringing old friends together. The draft and hunting camp creates a moment where friends can pick up like they never missed a beat. In fantasy football and hunting a little friendly rivalry makes the season even more interesting.

4. It Can Eat Up Your Free Time (and That’s Okay)

Hunting and fantasy football can eat up a lot of downtime and create a sense of urgency when otherwise you’d be vegetating on the couch. For a lot of people one of their highly

5. If Your Favorite Team or Season Goes Bust, There’s Still Hope

As a Bears fan, fantasy football has been the only thing that kept me watching football. Having a fantasy football team keeps a keen level of interest throughout the season. For hunters, if one honey hole isn’t producing they can head to another just like fantasy football. 

Although fantasy football and hunting are in two completely different genres, they surprisingly have a lot of similarities.


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The 5 Weird Ways Hunting and Fantasy Football are Basically the Same Thing