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The 5 Guys You’ll Meet When You Enter Your First Fishing Tournament

No matter where your first fishing tournament is or what you are fishing for, these five guys will be there.

Fishing tournaments are a fun way to see where you stack up against other anglers. The added thrill of catching a fish when competing is something that drives anglers to fish tournaments all across the world.

If you are preparing for you first fishing tournament, be on the lookout for these five guys. If you can’t find all five, then you may be one of them.

1. The “I’m on ’em” Guy

You”ll hear him from no matter where you are that morning. He will be proudly explaining how good he did during the practice. He will have the pictures to prove it and will tell anyone who will listen how many fish he has been catching. You have already seen all of the pictures on his social media accounts, but he shows you again.

Inevitably, something will change during the day and he will not do well in the tournament.

2. The Quiet One

This guy you meet during your first tournament will be harder to pick out. Many people are just naturally quiet and reserved. That is not the same guy. The quiet one is someone who is normally talkative and outgoing, but quiet this tournament morning.

The reasoning is because he is on fish and is silently playing out the event in his head. He will be the one to watch and may win it all.

3. Nothing Left Behind Guy

too much tackle
Okuma Fishing

Most likely this will be a co-angler or non-boater you see in your first fishing tournament. He is afraid he will forget something that day and will make sure he has everything that has ever used to catch a fish.  He will load his three or four bags of tackle and an arsenal of rods.

If you are watching the boat carefully, you can see it sink a few feet lower into the water as he boards with his gear. Boaters are just as bad though, but with ample storage in the boat it will be harder to locate him.

4. The Early Bird

No matter how early you get there, the early bird will already be in the water ready to go. His boat will be in the water, often perfectly tied to the dock, and he will be waiting in his boat drinking coffee. His tackle and gear are all ready to go. He perfectly organized that at the launch ramp before you woke up.

5. Last Minute Guy

On the other hand, the last minute guy will be arriving as everyone else is itching to take off for the day. All of the boats will be in the water and gearing up to blast off. He is always a last minute arrival, so he will launch a boat faster and better than anyone you have ever seen.



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The 5 Guys You’ll Meet When You Enter Your First Fishing Tournament