5 Best Weedless Lures for Bass Fishing in the Thick Stuff

Here are five best weedless lures that can help put that trophy bass in your hands.

When it comes to bass fishing lures, there are tons of choices. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastic lures, and jigs are all productive.

But when it comes to overall bass-catching ability, the weedless lures let us target bass right where they live: in the thick stuff. When it comes to shallow flats, heavy cover, and lily pads, you'll need fishing lures that'll offer the greatest chance at success and smallest chance of getting hung up.

Regardless of where you are, largemouth bass are often hanging out in areas that force us to be snag-proof. If we can allow our hook point to sink into that big bass and bring him in with less risk of snagging aquatic plants or other debris, we're one big step ahead.

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The best lures for a bass angler involve those that let him ply the weed beds and milfoil mats that are nearly impossible to target without risk of catching more plant matter than fish.

For many years now, the bass fishing community has turned its eyes to these classic offerings, allowing access to the fierce cover where our bucket-mouthed foes reside.

Best Weedless Bass Lures for Anglers

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5. Mann's Jelly Worm

OK, so I'm old school. I started out with a Mann's Jelly Worm, so that's what I call most soft plastic worms to this day. If rigged correctly (and with weedless hooks), these excel in the thick cover. From the Texas rig to the Carolina rig, these may be the most classic weedless lures of them all. A Jelly Worm is a bait meant for patience and persistence, but slowing down when the bite is on can be super produce with these venerable baits.

4. Scum Frog

Whether you like it or not, a Scum Frog (or other floating frog) is one of those lifelike lures that has to have a place in your fishing tackle box. Once your hollow body topwater frog lure has plopped onto the lily pads or splatted onto a weed mat, it'll get the attention of largemouth bass nearby. Its ability to blend into the surroundings as a creature that's meant to be there gives it even more fish-catching power.

3. Berkley F19 Flipping Jig

Due to the weedless nature of the flipping jig, they produce success in the heaviest cover. The Berkley F19 Flipping Jig uses a Fusion 19 hook and includes a PowerBait-flavored skirt, proven to be irresistible to hungry bass. Remember, fishing a heavier lure in the nastiest of cover calls for a good braided line and a stiff rod to hold it with.

2. Heddon Moss Boss

Not much different than the weedless spoon, the Moss Boss is designed more to "glide" over vegetation. This style of weedless lure gives the angler an option to stay above the mess and still attract big bass.

1. Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon

The Johnson Silver Minnow may be the longtime frontrunner, but that fact is many weedless spoons offer a way to defeat the weeds with a bait that has some weight behind it. If you're like me, you've never completely believed that they're 100-percent weedless all the time, but the single hook with a weed guard typically stays clean.

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