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The 5 Best Swimbaits for Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth love swimbaits. From the miniature to the oversized, these are the five best swimbaits for smallmouth bass.

When it comes to finding the best swimbaits for smallmouth there are many choices on the market. Some work better than others, but the fact that smallmouth love swimbaits doesn’t change.

Each of these five different baits just plain work for smallmouth.

1. Boot Tail Design

best swimbaits

There are many brands that offer a flat-sided swimbait with a boot tail design. They perfectly imitate baitfish like trout, perch and other prey.

The great thing about these baits is that they can be fished on jigheads as light as you can find all the way to the 1-ounce sizes for deep fish.

They work best with a straight retrieve and the tail action will do most of the work. Bouncing these along the bottom is another excellent way to fish these baits.

2. On an Underspin

best swimbaits

Adding a small swimbait to an underspin is a great way to add some flash to your presentation. Just about any swimbait will work on the back of one of these flashy jigheads, but typically the smaller, the better.

These are one of the best swimbaits for smallmouth because you can fish them throughout the water column. Fishing them below the surface, but not on the bottom, is a good way to catch suspending smallmouth.

3. Glide Baits


Glide baits are fun! They have an excellent drawing power and you will likely see many bass following your bait. These are one of the best swimbaits because they are great for giant smallmouth.

Experiment with your retrieve to get the most out of your baits and try to closely match the forage in that body of water. Trout pattern baits work excellent if trout are present and shad work when shad are what the fish are keying on.

4. Jointed Swimbaits


Segmented baits add a whole new dimension to the look of your swimbaits. They have a great action and can work when nothing else will. Smallmouth espescially like to crush these jointed swimbaits.

There are many to choose from and some will sink and some will float. The floating versions work great for waking just below the surface for aggressive smallmouth.

5. Shad Profile Baits

best swimbaits

There are many of these swimbaits to choose from, but the Keitech FAT Swing Impact is the king of the category. It is with good reason, because they work.

From the 2.8- to the 5.8-inch size, they are effective for smallmouth of all sizes. Like the boot tail baits, they can be fished on jigheads of all sizes.



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The 5 Best Swimbaits for Smallmouth Bass