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The 5 Best States for Public Hunting, and the Reasons Why

Many hunters forget the great public hunting the nation offers, we're here to remind everyone. 

Are you looking to expand your hunting area, or just tired of trying to find public land in your own state to hunt? These five states offer the best public land hunting around - get ready to plan a trip!

1. Wisconsin

Public Land Hunters

Wisconsin boasts hundreds of square miles in states parks as well as smaller wildlife areas that are available. There are many phenomenal tracts of land found in the middle third of the state.

2. Washington

Washington offers some of the best public land hunting. Their elk is affordable and even offers a chance of harvesting a nice bull. There's no need to wait years to draw a tag, just head to a Cabela's and pick up a tag.

Grab a GPS for roadless sections of wilderness. Washington wasn't always a great state, but it's returning to high quality and affordable state.

3. Kansas

Facebook/Whitetail Adrenaline

Kansas has nearly 420,000 acres of public ground for hunting, which equates to 1 percent of the state. One of the largest typical whitetails taken on film was taken on public ground in Kansas last season really putting the state on the map.

4. North Dakota

North Dakota

North Dakota has just about 5 percent of its state in public hunting land. This state is also a great destination for hunting velvet bucks.

5. Utah

Kristy Titus

Utah has one of the best public-land elk hunting in the nation. As well as the state having an abundance of undrawn tags, also including spike-bull permits. A new world-record elk was taken from public land in Utah.

Now that five of the best public land states have been listed, get out your calendar and start planning an adventure. Better do it sooner than later because fall is knocking on the door.


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The 5 Best States for Public Hunting, and the Reasons Why