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The 10 Commandments of Hunting for Turkey

Live by these 10 Commandments of turkey hunting, and you'll be on your way to success.

Keep these 10 Commandments in your mind while hunting gobblers, because there's no better way to mess up a hunt than to ignore these meaningful rules.

Thou shalt have no other bird but the turkey

Try your hardest to focus entirely, and not let distractions take away from your main objective: killing a big old tom.

Thou shalt not be late leaving the house

Clearly, the early hunter's getting the bird. You've got to be set up and ready well before sunrise if you're hunting in the morning.

Thou shalt not take the name of the turkey in vain

They're certainly odd creatures, but you've got to respect and honor a turkey you have a shot at harvesting. They're smarter than they seem.

Remember the seasonal dates, to keep them holy

Opening day of a spring or fall turkey season is an annual holiday. Save vacation days off work, take care of preparations, and go full bore all season if you want to tag the turkeys you're after.

Honor thy gobbler and thy hen

Treat a sighting of a hen or a hen call as a likely signal that toms are around, too. Don't get frustrated when you haven't laid eyes or ears on a gobbler, they're there.

Thou shalt not commit decoy blasphemy

As amazingly realistic as they are, there are still plenty of ways to mess up turkey decoy placement. Learn what works with experience, and don't overdo it in numbers.

Thou shalt not steal

When it applies to turkey hunting, this Commandment doesn't even need a clever wordage tweak. Don't hunt on private land unless approved, don't hunt out of season, and don't ever take more than your limit of turkeys.

Thou shalt not covet a neighbor's turkey

Especially on public land, be courteous and conservative if you hear another hunter working a bird. Don't, under any circumstances, try to cut the bird off and intercept it.

Wild South Texas Rio Grande turkey walking to the left at sunsetThou shalt not kill unethically

Hunting turkeys inherently has to involve something dying, but there are legal and ethical practices that must be followed at all times. Know them and live by them.

Thou shalt not quit 

Perseverance pays off with turkey hunting. Don't throw in the towel after 45 minutes of silence. It's the 46th minute that might just produce the gobble you're listening for.


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The 10 Commandments of Hunting for Turkey