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The 10 Best Muskie Strikes Caught on Film

When a muskie strikes, you know it. 

Muskie fishing is fast and furious at times. Other times, it’s as dead as a desert. However, those times when muskies are hitting are some of the best times to ever be on the water.

As you are about to see in the following videos, when a muskie strikes a lure, hearts stop, screams emerge, and the fun begins.

1. Two 50-inch fish in two casts

If you didn’t see that video yourself, you wouldn’t believe it it happened. However, two muskies strikes back to back from fish this huge is what muskie dreams are made of.

2. 50 inches of awesome on top

The very first 50-inch muskie that I caught hit very similar to this. I saw the whole fish sideways hit the bait. It’s something I’ll never forget.

3. Lucky is better than good

When you are muskie fishing and a muskie strikes, everything can go wrong in a quick hurry. The angler above, even after a great hookset, it pretty lucky to have landed that fish.

You saw the line get stuck in the trolling motor too, right? Seeing it come out of the water for the first time sure is a special site though.

4. Keep casting until she eats

Good gracious! How many times did that fish follow in? Besides that, did you see that thing look like a lake monster when she finally ate? That’s just incredible.

5. Just wait for it

Yeah, I bet you didn’t see that coming. Not mention, it came off the side of a dock. This just goes to show you how unpredictable these crazy fish really are.

6. So close, but so far

Sometimes things like that just happen. However, when it comes to muskie fishing, close counts and it always keeps you coming back for more.

7. Always figure eight! Always

Yeah, if you didn’t know, figure eights flat out catch muskies. They just give you more of an opportunity at a hook up by keeping the lure in the water longer.

This is especially important when you have an active fish following in that like that. Muskie strikes at the side of the boat are simply the best.

8. What a boatside strike!

There are several vicious muskie strikes in that video. However, it’s the first one that really got to me. Watching that fish come in hard and just dance all over the boat gives me chills.

9. Joe Bucher bring us home

If there’s been a theme to this list, it’s to always figure eight and never give up. Leave it to Joe Bucher to further illustrate this point by perfectly executing exactly what to do when you have a hot fish on your lure.

10. Most epic strike ever

Chances are you already saw this video at some point or another in the recent past. If so, it surely has stuck with you. Seeing a muskie hit like that on the side of the boat is one of the finer things of fishing.



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The 10 Best Muskie Strikes Caught on Film