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That’ll Do the Job: .22 Drops Hog [VIDEO]

It’s only a .22 right?

We have all heard the misinformed masses berating this little cartridge.

This wild boar goes down hard with one expert .22 shot.

The little .22 long rifle cartridge can be used for more than just squirrels and rabbits when in a marksman’s hand.

It only takes one, expert .22 long rifle shot to down this big wild boar. This crop-destroying pest is no more.

The .22 long rifle has put meat on the table for years. It is quiet and, in the right hands, will drop anything on the North American continent.

It is all about shot placement, especially with the little .22 caliber bullet.

Wild boar for dinner for these hungry hunters.

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That’ll Do the Job: .22 Drops Hog [VIDEO]