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That Girl Just Loves to Shoot!

girl just loves to shoot

After this, you'll never want to say "she shoots like a girl" again!

If you can shoot like this lady, you will be doing quite well. Check out this girl shooting some awesome guns at Polenar Tactical.

This young lady just loves to shoot. The smile on her face is quite contagious while shooting various firearms.

What guns is she getting great trigger time with? How about this list: M70 ab2 (yugo AK47), Benelli M3 super 90, Mosin Nagant, Beretta 92 stock, Thompson M1A1 and HK MR308. Yep, she is shooting 12 gauge, heavy hitting military rifles and pistols with glee. What recoil?

Polenar Tactical shared this great video on Youtube that proves many female shooters shoot awesome. Take your sweet little lady to the gun range and be prepared to be amazed and possibly beaten in score before the trip is over.

oembed rumble video here


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That Girl Just Loves to Shoot!