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Thanksgiving Turkeys, Meet the Smith & Wesson 500

This may be the best Thanksgiving shooting video yet. Watch a Smith & Wesson 500 tell a row of frozen turkeys who’s boss.

It’s tough to decide what Dave Nash, 22Plinkster, likes doing more: making impossible trick shots (like shooting through the holes of metal washers tossed in the air) or seeing how many different objects he can shoot through with his Smith & Wesson 500.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to pepper a holiday-themed item with lead, Nash uses this Thanksgiving as an excuse to blow the stuffing out of some frozen turkeys (see what I did there?).

I’m not going to reveal how many hard-as-rock 10-pound frozen turkeys that that hand-cannon shot through. But after you watch the video, does the number match what you guessed?

“I love shootings things with that 500 Smith & Wesson,” said Nash. “It never gets old.”

Plinkster’s laugh was practically maniacal after firing at those turkeys. He had me laughing right along with him. I tell you, that just looks like so much fun!

I put a request in to 22Plinkster, for next year’s Thanksgiving, to see how many cans of cranberry sauce and pureed pumpkin he can shoot through with that beast of a handgun.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Thanksgiving Turkeys, Meet the Smith & Wesson 500