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Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From Jerry Miculek

Thanksgiving is upon us yet again. Watch Jerry cook a turkey with some lead seasonings. His special glaze is the key ingredient.

Jerry cooks a traditional turkey dinner in this video. He seasons appropriately with the right base spices and makes sure he tenderizes his meat. Jerry even talks about how to keep it all clean and safe to eat.

Follow along with us as we watch this bird get some real heat and join Jerry when he takes the first bite.

Best of all you can watch this in 4K! Might want to get a wet napkin ready in case you get turkey on your screens.

Thanksgiving has definitely evolved over time since the pilgrims first made the concept in 1621 a reality. Many changes to the dinner table have come and gone. Venison, turkey, and fish, have been served on the holiday table year after year since.

A special thank you to all the active duty men and women defending the country this holiday season. Without those willing to man their posts, our American traditions would not be possible.



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Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From Jerry Miculek