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Texas Whitetail Hunting Wish List

Here’s all you’ll need for that special someone with a Texas whitetail hunting wish list.

Since Texas consistently plays host to some of the largest whitetail populations in all of the United States, it has long stood as one of the most popular deer hunting spots in the country.

If someone on your Christmas list is heading out to Hill County anytime soon to bag a few record-breaking bucks, we are here to give you some idea of what their holiday wish list might look like this year.

Treestands: Never let a loved one go out into the woods with an obsolete or broken down treestand. While top market treestands can be pricy items – leading many hunters to put off the day when they inevitably have to be replaced – having a good, safe, and secure stand is of pivotal importance for any whitetail hunter.

Most hunters prefer climbing treestands, and in that category, we recommend the API Outdoors Alumni-Tech Grand Slam Extreme Climbing Treestand ($299.99), a comfortable stand with easily-adjustable gripping chains, a fold-out footrest, a manageable weight, and a harness/climbing belt safety set. The product also comes with a DVD elucidating its safe use practices.

apiPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Holiday shoppers with smaller budgets might go for a different kind of treestand, like a Big Game Treestands Next Generation Stealth Ladder Stand ($129.99) or a Millennium Treestands M50 Steel Leveling Hang-On Treestand ($149.99). The ladder stand is a good deal heavier than the hang-on stand (47 pounds versus 21 pounds), so consider the hunting habits and travel distances of the person you are buying it for. Beyond that, both stands are highly rated and easy to use.

stealthPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Scent Considerations: If the concept of giving a loved one a bottle of doe urine for the holidays seems a bit strange to you, you probably aren’t alone. However, for hunters that use attractants, such a gift can be a nice gesture. Hunters don’t exactly like spending their hard earned cash on urine either, so a gift of a premium attractant – like Tink’s #69 Doe in Rut Buck Deer Attractant ($19.99) – can be a nice treat for a hunter with a baiting arsenal.

Scent control is also a big consideration for Texas whitetail hunters, so something like the ScenTote Scent Eliminating Storage Tote ($79.99) can be the kind of gift that serves a practical purpose for years to come. Hunters consistently struggle with balancing the scents of their home life with the scent controlled existence necessary for the hunting world. A storage box designed specifically to eliminate human scent from hunting clothes and accessories helps to bridge that gap nicely.

scentPhoto via Bass Pro Shops


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