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Texas Volunteers Install Crappie Condos in Lake Waco to Improve Fishing [PICS]

The Waco Tribune

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, along with the Friends of Lake Waco, recently installed 55 crappie condos under the Twin Bridges.

In an attempt to make better cover for crappie and make the species more available to “low-tech” boaters, the TPWD and volunteers have made some 55 ‘crappie condos’ by putting bamboo sticks into plastic pails and filling them with concrete.

The 12-foot manmade structures were then put on trailers and taken to nearby Lake Waco.

John Tibbs, fisheries biologist for the TPWD said, “Our goal was to get them all the way under the water. They’re designed to be accessible to small craft and people without GPS.”


Now, the word is out. The ‘condos’ have been dropped into the water below the Twin Bridges and are accessible to anglers of all skills.

Since the structures have been placed in an area where the water is 16 to 20 feet deep, only the fish will be able to see them.


Tri-Beta, which is a volunteer biology group from Baylor University, and the recently formed Friends of Lake Waco association were instrumental in the project.

FOLW Chairman Brian Schmunsler said, “The vision and goal is to help Lake Waco be a better fishery from the angle of the public.”


Any person interested in being a part of The Friends of Lake Waco should contact Schmunsler at [email protected].

Newcomers to Lake Waco can be helped by the many maps available.

All photos via Waco Tribune

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Texas Volunteers Install Crappie Condos in Lake Waco to Improve Fishing [PICS]