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Texas Trophy Hunters Intense Compilation of Kill Shots [VIDEO]

Watch this compilation of perfectly-executed kill shots on a multitude of game animals. It will get your blood pumping and itching for hunting season. 

If only every animal went down like that with every shot.

Good, clean shots like these require good marksmanship, correct shot placement, a steady rest in field situations and occasionally, judging the wind.

The offseason is the perfect time to throw some rounds downrange and hone your craft. Don’t just shoot off the bench – practice shooting off of shooting sticks, backpacks, in the prone, etc. Practice for your hunt and simulate the conditions you might face.

Here is three minutes and thirty-five seconds of expertly-aimed kill shots of whitetail, coyote, bobcat, hog, tahr, chamois, red stag and more.

Check it out to heighten your anticipation for hunting season.

All these shots are made with Ambush Firearms with 5.56, 6.8 spc & 300 Blackout calibers.

You can watch more epic hunting videos like this on Trophy Hunters TV.

Not to mention, if you become a member of Texas Trophy Hunters Association you will always be up to date on all hunting news, be part of a growing community of hunters around the country, get awesome deals on outdoor products, and receive issues of the Texas Trophy Hunters magazine.

See the different tiers of membership here.

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Texas Trophy Hunters Intense Compilation of Kill Shots [VIDEO]