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Texas Trophy Hunters Association Tells Us What’s So Great About the Lone Star State

What’s so great about Texas hunting? Find out straight from the source.

Texas hunters are a special kind: they know their state has a ton to offer, and they love every opportunity they get to spend time in the beauty that is the Lone Star State.

One such hunter, Horace Gore, has some unique insight into what makes Texas hunting so great. Gore is Editor of The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters, the publication spreading the word about Texas Trophy Hunters Association. He’s spent many of his 80-plus years hunting in the state, and we wanted to get his insider’s perspective.

If you aren’t familiar with TTHA, they’re known as “The Voice of Texas Hunting.” Highlighted with events like the Hunters Extravaganza, TTHA works to bring together the state’s community of sportsmen and helps promote and progress the hunting heritage in Texas.

Here’s our back-and-forth with Gore, someone who knows a thing or two about hunting in the great state of Texas.

Wide Open Spaces: Can you name two or three things out-of-staters would be surprised to learn about Texas deer hunting?

Horace Gore: There are lots of deer; We often use corn feeders; You can compete in a number of deer contests across the state.

WOS: What’s the big advantage of becoming a member of Texas Trophy Hunters Association?

Access to leading information in the hunting industry and having your hunting story published in The Journal! (and all the cool extras that come with your membership of course!)

WOS: What do TTHA hunters get that a non-member doesn’t?

Gore: They get to be a part of a unique family of hunters who are here to share stories and tips.

WOS: What’s the community of TTHA members like? Are they all Texans?

Gore: Hunters passionate about conservation, preserving the hunting heritage, and protecting their 2nd Amendment rights. TTHA members are 89% Texans. The other 11% wish they were.

White-tailed Deer Buck Standing On A Hillside

WOS: How did joining TTHA change the way you viewed (or succeeded at) Texas hunting?

Gore: I get firsthand information on wildlife management practices, hunting tips, and the latest hunting gear in the industry.

WOS: Is Texas hunting known for anything that simply isn’t true?

Gore: Javelinas do not chase people up in trees.

WOS: What secret are you willing to give away when it comes to hunting Texas deer?

Gore: Don’t hunt the morning after a full moon. Sleep in, make yourself a nice pot of coffee, get out around 11 and hunt the rest of the day. You’ll likely get that buck you’ve been hunting around 1 pm that afternoon.

If TTHA sounds like a worthwhile association (and after hearing from Gore, we have to agree it is!), check out their 40th anniversary membership deal.

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Texas Trophy Hunters Association Tells Us What’s So Great About the Lone Star State