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Texas Suburban Bobcats Don’t Like Being Neighbors [VIDEO]

Two bobcats have a snarling staredown on the front lawn of a Dallas suburb. You’ve probably never heard anything like this before.

This is definitely something you don’t see everyday…or ever.

Two lanky bobcats on the front lawn of an upper middle class neighborhood really don’t seem to like one another.

The unusual meeting occurred in Carrollton, Texas, a city of around 120,000 north of Dallas.

Some of us have seen bobcats in the wild before, but I’m betting very few of us have seen them in our neighborhoods. The number of folks who have seen two wildcats having a spitting match on a neighbor’s lawn probably numbers two, as in the two people in the car filming the exchange.

The cat on the left apparently had the more intimidating snarl, as the “loser” slunk away with its stubby tail between its legs, only to have insult added to injury by the passing motorist who caught the contest on film.

Ok, two bobcats, front lawn, heated exchange, nice suburban neighborhood…

This is one of those scenes that demands a caption contest.

What were the bobcats saying to one another?

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Texas Suburban Bobcats Don’t Like Being Neighbors [VIDEO]