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Texas Smart Gun Maker Tracking Point Will Now Accept Bitcoin

Austin-Texas based Tracking Point is the latest gun company to start accepting the digital currency.

On Thursday, the company announced that they will now accept BitCoin payments for their unique brand of high-tech rifles.

Tracking Point CEO John Lupher said in a statement that the company’s decision to accept Bitcoin is a response to both customer requests and the changing digital marketplace.

“It was easy to set up, and we are genuinely interested in seeing the response,” Tracking Point’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Oren Schauble told CNN Money.

If you’re unfamiliar with BitCoin, here’s quick primer. It’s a digital currency – independent of any government – that’s mainly used for online purchases. It’s also an encrpyted form of currency, which means online buyers can remain anonymous in their transactions. That being said, it is illegal to remain anonymous while using Bitcoin to purchase guns online. Tracking Point will accept Bitcoin for online purchases, but buyers will have to pass a background check and pick up the guns in person.

Tracking Point isn’t the only gun company in Austin that’s accepting Bitcoin. CenTex guns, a gun shop located in south-central Austin, is also accepting Bitcoin for payments.The store accepts online Bitcoin payments, and also allows shoppers to convert their Bitcoin to non-virtual currency in the store using Coinvoice, an ATM-like machine. CenTex Guns has logged 20 Bitcoin purchases since they began accepting the currency back in January.

What do you think about Bitcoin being used to purchase firearms? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Texas Smart Gun Maker Tracking Point Will Now Accept Bitcoin