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Texas Senate Passes Constitutional Amendment to Protect Hunting and Fishing Rights

Photo via Dallas News

Senator Brandon Creighton wants to make sure our hunting and fishing rights will never be taken away from us… and we’re extremely happy about that.

The Texas Senate has a plan to keep our hunting and fishing rights around for good.

The proposal by Sen. Brandon Creighton, R-Conroe, is aimed at preventing future lawsuits that may restrict hunting or fishing. The amendment was approved 27-3 and now goes to the House.

It’s always nice to know your state is in your corner if ever there was a federal government that wanted to impose themselves upon us and our outdoor activities.

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Our hunting and fishing rights have been around for years, and with the help of the Texas Senate, they plan to keep it that way for Texans.

“With recent lawsuits across the country successfully denying citizens certain hunting rights, our Texas heritage is threatened and needs protection,” Creighton said of his proposal. “Our state has an obligation to take a strong stand on this issue,” he said. The amendment, which would go before voters in November, was endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Dallas Safari Club  and over 60 sportsmen’s organizations, according to Creighton. Similar measures have been passed in 18 states.

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There are numerous reasons Texans are proud, and having a Senator like Brandon backing up our hunting and fishing rights is just another to add to the list… As if we needed another.

God bless Texas.

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Texas Senate Passes Constitutional Amendment to Protect Hunting and Fishing Rights