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Texas School Puts up Signs Warning of Armed, Protective Staff

armed staff
NBC 12 News

Texas school puts up warning signs that staff is armed.

As the gun control debate rages and mass shooting continue to happen on a seemingly regular basis, one Texas school has apparently decided to take security matters into their own hands.

Watch to find out why this school has decided to let their staff be armed and how they hope it sends a message to those who might want to do their students harm.

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Claude is a tiny little community of about 1,200 people outside of Amarillo. They don't have their own police force. This was one of the reasons the school district says they decided to take this bold step to securing their schools. Their superintendent Jeff Byrd has strong confidence in their staff in a worst-case scenario.

"Any employee at Claude ISD, any teacher, I feel firmly they would give their life to save a child," Byrd told NBC 12 News. "Our job is to make sure the kids are safe, that they are comfortable and secure."

He says the signs aren't meant to scare people, but are there to inform someone with ill intent, much like a home security sign. In addition to armed school staff, the school also has security cameras and more door locks are expected to be added soon.

It's probably not too surprising to see something like this is being done in Texas. As to whether such security measures will catch on around the rest of the country is something that remains to be seen.


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Texas School Puts up Signs Warning of Armed, Protective Staff