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Texas Open Carry Law Discussed by Proponents [VIDEO]

There’s still debate over the Texas Open Carry law.

This news cast shows video interviews that express common thoughts towards Texas’ coming open carry law.

The problem is that the logic is flawed.

Where The Guns Are

Where The Guns ArePosted signs can stop the presence of weapons either concealed or open carry.

Texas’ open carry gun law will change little if anything when it goes into effect on January 1, 2016.

Open Carry Nation

Texas is just another of a string of states that have legalized the open carry of firearms to some extent or another. It will not be the last.

For clarification, “open carry” means that you can walk around in the general public with a handgun or long gun as long as it is plainly visible.

“Concealed carry” means that you can hide a firearm, usually a handgun, on your person such as in a pocket, purse, or hidden holster. This is permissible only with a concealed carry permit.

These laws make it legal to carry a firearm openly in the general public. Carrying a hidden, or concealed, will still require a permit. But, in the Texas law, so does open carry.

The Texas Open Carry Law

According to the Texas version of the open carry law, a permit is still required to carry openly. This is the same permit held now by those that carry concealed weapons. I am not certain that anything but decorum prevents a concealed carry permit holder from carrying openly now.


So what really changes when this law takes effect in the new year? Not very much. There may be a few spurred on to pursue the concealed carry permit, but those really serious about having a firearm on their person already do.

Open Carry Misconceptions

As stated, multiple states have implemented open carry laws, so we know how it turns out. None of them have experienced the chaos predicted by opponents of open carry laws.

After 20 years in law enforcement, let me assure you that walking around with a weapon is a real pain, and sometimes a literal one. For one, the gun can be heavy and unwieldy. It gets in the way. For another, there is a lot of extra responsibility to account for. Soon it becomes easier to leave the thing in the car, which you can legally do now.

As far as having guns in business establishments, all an owner or business has to do is post a sign prohibiting firearms on the premise. They then have the right to ask an armed person to leave their weapon outside, or call the police to ask them to leave. If they have their permit, they cannot be charged with possession of a weapon but they can be charged with a myriad of misdemeanor offenses.

So, at the end of the day, when all the hoopla settles down, Texas’ open carry law means that the people that are already carrying will still be carrying. At most, Texas can sell a few more concealed carry permits.

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Texas Open Carry Law Discussed by Proponents [VIDEO]