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Could Texas Open Carry Happen?

Texas Open Carry

Texas open carry laws could become reality in 2015.

Despite common belief, Texas is one of only six states that has a complete ban on the open carry of handguns. With the way Texas is depicted on television and in movies, you would never believe this, but the Texas open carry ban has been in effect since the 1870s.

2015 could be the year that the Texas open carry laws finally change. The change was a hot topic during elections and Texas open carry support was very high. Now that the Texas legislature is Republican-dominated, and the Gov.-elect Greg Abbott is pushing for changes in gun laws, it appears the timing may work out. Gov.-elect Greg Abbot says:

If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it's good enough for the state of Texas.

There have already been at least six bills filed for the upcoming session starting in January and Abbot promises to sign it into law if any bill that will allow Texas open carry is presented to him.

While Texas does have concealed carry laws, which even allow license holders to carry in places such as inside the state capital building, they initially had a hard time getting those laws passed, with bills failing multiple times before becoming law in 1995. Now there are over 811,000 concealed carry license holders in Texas.

This time next year there may be 811,000 people who have the option to carry concealed or open.

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Could Texas Open Carry Happen?