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Texas Kayaker Confirms Alligator in Calaveras Lake

A Texas kayaker seems to have confirmed a local 'urban legend' by capturing footage of a large alligator swimming in Calaveras Lake.

Kayaker Eugene Mora got the surprise of his life while he was taking a paddle through San Antonio's Calaveras Lake. Luckily he managed to get some video proof of the 'urban legend' and show everyone he was on the level.

Mora was quoted by KSAT-TV saying, "The myth, the urban legend is true. There is at least one gator here and he's pretty big. He's a pretty animal. I noticed something out on the water and that log started moving. It was a 7-foot, 8-foot gator."

Once Mora posted the video to his Facebook page there was no longer any doubt.

Nearby officials have now been warning visitors that the toothy critter is no longer a myth. Patricia White said, "They've been coming out here and warning us. They've been letting everyone know, 'Hey gators have been spotted, we seen video, there is gators in the water, please be careful.'"

Now that people are aware of a seven to eight footer in those waters they have been asked to be more than just careful, but to be nice as well.  Mora said. "Just keep an eye out. He's doing his thing, don't poke at him, don't cast at him and try to hook him, because he just wants to eat fish and do his deal."


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Texas Kayaker Confirms Alligator in Calaveras Lake