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Texas Hunter Fined For Leaving Moose Meat to Rot In Alaska

texas hunter fined
Image via Flickr/DGBrown

A Texas hunter has been fined for not fulfilling his responsibilities in Alaska.

A Texas hunter was fined after he killed a moose, but did not take care to harvest the meat properly while he was on a trip to Alaska. Alaskan officials take this kind of offense very seriously and he has been fined $2,000.

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Donald Lamont of Springtown, Texas pleaded guilty to the charges of failure to salvage all edible meat and transport of moose antlers from a kill site before all meat had been salvaged. He has already forfeited the antlers he took and will be complying with two years of probation.

While patrolling by plane in September, an Alaskan wildlife trooper called in a hunter carrying antlers and game bags. Troopers on the ground tracked Lamont down and found that the kill site still had meat that had not been harvested. Neck, ribs, inner loins, and lower legs were left on the site to waste.

Alaskan officials fined Lamont $4,500, with $2,500 suspended.

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Texas Hunter Fined For Leaving Moose Meat to Rot In Alaska