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Only in Texas: Hunter Arrows Hog in Neighbor’s Front Yard

bowhunting hog in front yard

Arrowing a 200+ pound hog in a front yard during an urban hog hunt is a rare event indeed, even in Texas.

The woman who owns this house enjoys seeing deer in her front yard, so she started putting out corn to attract them. Well, she started having the same problem as many others in the great state of Texas: the corn also attracted a hog, which was tearing up her yard and causing all sorts of trouble. So, she went down to her local archery shop and found a bow hunter who was more than willing to go on an urban hog hunt.

Check out the video to see how this unusual urban hog hunt went down.

Nice work! That’s a heck of a hog!

With such a large resident population of hogs causing so much trouble, I’m not really surprised this happened in Texas. In fact, until real progress is made in dealing with the state’s out-of-control hog population, it’s likely that we will start to see more instances of urban hog hunts like this one.

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Only in Texas: Hunter Arrows Hog in Neighbor’s Front Yard