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Texas Flashlight SMG: The Ultimate Concealed Weapon [VIDEO]

texas flashlight

Meet the ‘Texas Flashlight,’ a folding flashlight submachine gun.

Imagine hearing a noise at night from outside. You grab a flashlight and head out to investigate. You get near your garage when someone steps out from the shadows. Unknown to the intruder, your flashlight isn’t ordinary; it’s a Texas Flashlight.

With the quick push of a button the flashlight flips out into a 9mm submachine gun, stopping the intruder in his tracks. Sounds awesome right?

That’s exactly what you get with the FMG-9 folding submachine gun.


The Texas Flashlight was developed by Magpul in 2008. It utilizes a Glock-based upper receiver and magazine. Up to a 30-round magazine can be concealed inside of the flashlight when folded up.

Although this has been around for a while, it never made it out of the prototype stage and still continues to turn heads. Magpul has never said if it intends for it to ever reach it to a consumer level. They have only released a full metal airsoft version called the FPG (Folding Pocket Gun).

We can only hope this makes it past that prototype stage in the future. I believe the Texas Flashlight is something that every shooter and gun enthusiast would love to own.

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Texas Flashlight SMG: The Ultimate Concealed Weapon [VIDEO]