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Texas Fishing: The Wild and Historic Neches River

The Neches River is an ideal place to get your fishing on.

Beaumont, Texas sits near the banks of the historic Neches River. It's under consideration to be designated a "Wild and Scenic River" by the United States Congress.

This beautiful river is the lifeblood of southeast and east Texas; everything including the areas history, economy and culture flow from it!

This river originates in Van Zandt County, and it flows 416 miles to its mouth at Port Arthur's Pleasure Island. The entire Neches serves as a boundary line for 14 counties and the perfect way to see much of the lower portion is in a boat.

The Neches river basin drains some 10,000 square miles and has several large tributaries of major significance. One such tributary, the Angelina River, meanders its way through the Angelina National Forest. Another one, Village Creek, reaches deep into the heart of the Big Thicket National Preserve for 68 miles.

Nearly a million people live in the Neches River Basin, and the largest city in it is Tyler. The cities of Beaumont and Lufkin are pushing a close second in size. The entire area is seeing explosive growth. Expansion is scheduled everywhere, from Hwy. 69 to the nearby ports.

The Beaumont Country Club, Beaumont Yacht Club, Riverfront Park, Port Neches Park, Rainbow Bridge and Pleasure Island, at the mouth of the Neches, are just a few extremely popular boating entrance points to the river in Southeast Texas. The city of Port Neches celebrates the river each year with a annual "RiverFest." It draws thousands of attendees, in boats and cars, from all over the region.

The picturesque forests surrounding it are heavily wooded with a unique source of naturally occurring organic material, giving the river its distinct tea color. The lower Neches River fish are a mix of freshwater and estuary fish.

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Its diverse habitat provides essential nursery areas for numerous species. The Neches supports a productive and substantial fish community. It is also the habitat for endangered plants found nowhere else on earth.

It is home to numerous birds, such as owls, woodpeckers, wood ducks and hawks. The Neches River is so wild and scenic that it is now under consideration to be added to the national "Wild and Scenic River Act" passed by Congress for the protection of the last of America's free flowing natural and historic rivers.

River History...

On the banks of the Neches, near Augusta, Tesas, the developmental stages of the Republic of Texas began in 1690. The very first European settlement, San Francisco De Los Tejas Misson, was established as a Christian Mission village for the church, amongst the newly discovered Tejas (Hasani) tribe.

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Texas Fishing: The Wild and Historic Neches River