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Texas Fishing Hotspots: Galveston Bay

Galveston Bay may be one of the best Texas fishing hotspots.

This article originally appeared on Texas Marine's blog.

Many Texas recreational boaters buy a boat with dreams of the Galveston Bay on their minds.

Many think Galveston Bay is hands down the best fishing destination on the entire Texas Gulf Coast. There are also plenty of recreation hotspots for family fun and sport boat enthusiasts. It has two freshwater inlets, the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers, and centers between Harris, Chambers and Galveston Counties. It is approximately 30 miles, north to south and runs 17 miles from east to west.

On average, depths are around nine feet, with an extremely muddy bottom and many live shell reefs. There are dozens of beaches and sandy bottom sites frequented by recreational boaters for swimming and playing too.

There are numerous solid shoreline entry points and fishing piers for family onshore excursions, some of which we list in this blog. Galveston Bay is a vital estuary for the United States and the largest in Texas. Estuaries are basically the nurseries of the ocean, where most fish and many birds start their life. The EPA has declared this bay an estuary of national significance.

Galveston Bay accounts for 1/3 of the entire state's economy for recreational fishing, annually a $2 billion industry. The bay's most important natural resources are the numerous finfish, shrimp, oysters, blue crabs and birds. It's estimated that 70% of all North American bird species spend time there.

Galveston Bay spans 600 square surface miles, with hundreds of nutrient-rich salt marsh incubators running throughout it, making it a veritable "Garden of Eden" for the 162 species of fish who reside there. The "Big 3" game fish species, as they are affectionately known to Gulf coast anglers, are redfish, specks and flounder.
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Anglers fishing Galveston Bay can also try their luck at catching sand trout, puppy drum, some shark species, black drum, golden croaker, sheepshead, catfish and gulf whiting to name a few.

Whiting is some of the best white meat of any fish in the bay. They are not as easy to clean as the Big 3, but worth the effort.

To read more on specific points of interest in Galveston Bay, read the original article on Texas Marine's blog.

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Texas Fishing Hotspots: Galveston Bay