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Texas Fishing Destinations: Sabine Basin

As far as Texas fishing destinations go, Sabine Basin is near the top of the list.

This historically coveted river has served as an international boundary for Spain, France, the United States, Mexico and the Republic of Texas (until it became a state in 1845). It currently serves as the border between Texas and Louisiana.

Entire wars have even been fought over its territory. The first recorded mention of this infamous river was a 1721 map by Damon Ramon, who named it the Río de Sabinas. This was a Spanish word meaning Cypress, for the numerous Bald Cypresses along its banks, so it was dubbed the "Cypress River."

This has been a popular fishing spot for decades. Many of the local fishing guides take their clients there because the red fishing is phenomenal.

To fish this area you will need a large center console Bay boat like the NauticStar 2110. It will handle the rough water well and has plenty of room for moving around, yet can still be maneuvered easy enough. These are the perfect boats for short offshore excursions like the jetties.

You may also use them to work the surf near the jetties for some fantastic fishing.  The Jetties are amazing if if you don't have a boat to fish from. However, the entire experience is kicked up a notch if you do...

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Image via Flickr user Tom Royal

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Texas Fishing Destinations: Sabine Basin