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Texas Firearms Festival Coming to Liberty Hill

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Texas Gun Fest has announced that that the Texas Firearms Festival will be held in Liberty Hill this November.

Starting Saturday, Nov., 14, 2015 at 10 a.m., the second annual Texas Firearms Festival will bring both gun enthusiasts and retailers together at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, Texas.

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After a successful first event, Texas Gun Fest is hoping to bring more retailers and ultimately more individuals who would be interested in learning more about firearms and gun safety. With the constructive feedback provided from last year's attendees, Texas Firearms Festival has already made improvements for the upcoming event, including free admission for children under 11 years old, VIP ticket options, more retailers, a contest shooting area, and a "non-shooting" ticket option for those who are only interested in shopping and eating.

Texas Firearms Festival has already signed several well-known Texan retailers. Bond Arms, STI, Silencer Shop, and Pipe Hitters Union have committed to setting up at the event. As an extra special treat, Otto Carter will be joining the 2015 festival where he will also be demonstrating his engraving techniques.

Though Texas is not yet an open carry state, attendees without a permit are still encouraged to bring their firearms and will be permitted to carry during the Come and Shoot It Event held in the competition zone. This zone will present gun owners and enthusiasts with the opportunity to not only shoot their own firearms, but to also sample shoot guns provided by STI, Sig Sauer, Bergara, and more.

"They will be able to compete using dueling tree and try to win firearms. Individuals will be judged for time and head-to-head competitions" Robert Farago, one of the founders of the Texas Firearms Festival, said.

Dan Zimmerman and Robert Farago, founders of The Truth About Guns, enjoy participating in Media Day at the Range at the annual SHOT Show. During last year's SHOT Show, Farago and Zimmerman came up with the idea to start Texas Firearms Festival.

"We discussed the option of starting up the festival. Governor Perry was very supportive, and so we went on to hold our first Texas Firearms Festival last November," Farao said. "Dan and I had multiple gun-gasms at the Shot Show and thought we should share the love with other Texans."

Updates regarding the event will be posted to Texas Gun Fest or you can purchase tickets here.

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Texas Firearms Festival Coming to Liberty Hill