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Texas Drawn Hunts Now Open, With an Online Twist

Apply for Texas drawn hunts online and cross your fingers.

It's never too early to start preparing for a productive hunting season, and Texas hunters can start today, all without leaving their computer.

As of July 7, applications are now being accepted for the now online-only Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Public Hunt Drawing System.

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What Makes Texas Hunters Unique?

The now purely paperless system promises greater convenience, including online applications, fee payment, and permit delivery. Hunters will be able to browse online for drawn hunts by category and location using interactive maps, all from the comfort of their home. Permits can be printed or stored on mobile devices.

Certain permit rules have also been relaxed, such as allowing hunters to draw for several areas within the same category, and giving them more time to apply. Deadlines range from August to January, with fees of $3 to $10 for adults.

Regular hunt permits will cost $80, while extended hunt permits will be $130. However, TPWD warns only complete applications will be accepted and application fees cannot be refunded.

You will need a customer account with TPWD to apply, which is a cinch. Applicants that previously applied for a drawn hunt or fishing or hunting license should already have an account, but those who don't have an account will need to create one before applying.

You will also need a unique ID number, which can be your state Driver's License number, Social Security Number or passport number.

Remember that with the online system, the application will be a lot easier, but the competition for a prime spot will also be sure to heat up. All the same, your chances are a lot better than any other lottery, and your odds of bringing home the big prize are largely in your hands.

For more information on the draw system and to fill out an application, go to the TPWD Drawn Hunts web page.

And be sure to visit us on Facebook and tell us what you plan to be hunting this year!

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Texas Drawn Hunts Now Open, With an Online Twist