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Texas Dove Hunting Wish List

While the state of Texas may not have the most exotic big game animals in the country, it does play host to huge numbers of both deer and mourning doves, and since those animals are some of the most popular hunting animals in the United States, they almost single-handedly make Texas a hunting destination state.

If you are shopping for a Texas dove hunter this holiday season, you might be in luck. Dove hunting doesn't have the same laundry list of available accessories that many other hunting activities do. In this game, it's all about staying quiet, still, and out of sight, so anything that can advance those missions for a dove hunter will put a smile on their face come Christmas morning.

Decoys: Different dove hunters prescribe to different beliefs about which dove decoys and decoy settings afford the best results on the battlefield. For hunters who swear by the most realistic looking decoys on the market, a six pack of RedHead Rubber Dove Decoys ($24.99) might be the perfect option. These decoys are beautiful and detailed - just like the real thing - and can easily be clipped to tree branches or fences for the perfect dove trap.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 1.49.06 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

On the other hand, some dove hunters prefer decoys that catch a dove's eye with active movement. In that case, the MOJO Outdoors Wind Dove Spinning Decoy ($17.99) is a good gift idea. This decoy exhibits semi-realistic, wind-driven wing spinning. It doesn't have the detail of the RedHead decoys, and the peg stand makes it less versatile, but if the doves in your area are drawn to movement, it's perfect.

mojoPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Another great "movement" decoy is the Hunter's Edge Dove Feeding Frenzy Decoy System ($79.99), which uses AA battery power to rotate three dove decoys in a movement that simulates doves finding food on the ground. Other scavengers will come flying to check out the spot, at which point the hunter can lay their trap.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 1.49.14 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Baiting: Sometimes, decoys are enough to draw in the doves. Other times, a hunter will need a little help. Something like the dove call from Haydel's Game Calls ($14.99) is ideal for filling the void. The acrylic design is high quality and durable, but the defining feature is the delicate cooing sound the call produces, something Haydel's calls "as close as you'll come to replicating a mourning dove's natural song."

haydelPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Staying still and out of sight: Mourning doves will scatter if they see a hunter, so products that help the dove hunter in your life stay hidden are good holiday gift ideas as well. The RedHead dove stool ($19.99) is designed with the idea that hunters will better be able to remain still if they aren't standing or kneeling for the entirety of their hunt. A strong steel frame makes this product a good hunting perch, but it's the under-seat compartment - where hunters can store ammo, gear, food, and other stuff for easy, low-movement access - that makes it a must-have for the dove hunting season.

stoolPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Also good for staying out of sight, the RedHead Reversible Fleece Brushed Tricot Hunting Vest can provide camouflage cover, protection from the cold, and breathable ventilation all in one - good for Texas dove hunting, where overheating beneath the hot afternoon sun is often a concern.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.55.47 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Texas Dove Hunting Wish List